Tuesday, April 3, 2007

First Post

Well having never blogged before, you are reading my first post ever on any site. I am a 31yo single guy living in LA. I feel the dating game is completely different here. Having gotten good at it within the past year I wanted to share some of my knowledge and experience. Los Angeles is, even though many think differently, a fantastic place if you want to date a LOT. It's hard here if you want to have a relationship, but you have to acknowledge that tradeoff when you live here.

A little about me...
I was a late bloomer never dating much in high school or college. I took it upon myself last year, after getting out of a 3-year relationship, to change my life. I have read most of the dating books out there: "The Game", 'Juggler's Method", "The Venusians Handbook", and half a dozen others. I did get a lot out of them, but do not follow them when I'm out. I have my own approach, which seems to work very well.

I have gone out with a number of "sargers" and although it's fun, I don't feel that many of them are successful. Sure they talk with lots of people, but their success rate is very low. The call me a natural since I almost always make things happen with virtually 100% success rate and no flakes anymore. I often times pretend that I've always been this way, but it's really a facade.
In the past 8 months alone I've added 120 numbers to my phonebook, only 2 of 3 of them flakes. I've gone on as many a 7 "dates" in a week and always had the opportunity to take things to the next level physically depending on how interested I was.

My blogs will become more concise as I move forward with this, but I'd like to outline a few of the topics that I'm going to cover.
First will be tips on how your approach should vary amongst different environments. What to do at bars, private parties, networking events, malls, gallery openings, restaurants, and many more. I've had great success at all of these and I've found that there are things that I've done differently at all of them.
I don't want to call this "pick-up" or a game since I feel you can end up too focused on wanting something out of each interaction and this really shows to the person whom you're talking to.

I also want to talk about reading people. I've always had a pretty good intuition about people even before talking with them so I'm going to try to illustrate some of the signs that I look for.

One of my major strengths is the first date. I've had many reactions like: "Wow, no one's ever done that on a first date"; after befriending every cute girl working at the restaurant (the Geisha House) before my date even arrived "How do you even choose one when you could go out with any girl here?", "I feel like I've known you for a lot longer than I have".

I'm going to write play-by-play accounts of very successful past dates and analyze why they were so good. So please read this, comment, show interest in some way because it will inspire me to amass a larger number of posts.
Thank you.